POEMS: He Reigns & Prayer’s Aim

He rules


He reigns and reigns,
Now as had always.
He reigns and reigns,
Over all and always.

He reigns and reigns,
Every time in all ways.
Always He reigns;
He reigns always.

What do we say when we pray?


It says it has again erred
In learning lessons it knows
And had over a time tried
To live in its faith so loose.

Clasped handed, kneel or like;
It finds pleasure in saying them,
These words that should only milk
Its soul’s truth and not its claim.

Soliciting for rights it can call
To make tangible intangible breath.
As the dead are without fear all,
It tries to bring to safety its faith.

What do we expect when we pray?

Why do we pray?

POEMS: Who is the pagan?

As prayers hover in endless wait

Beating drums sing their faith;
Wailing faith’s revelry is late.
Tears of men will disappoint yet;
As prayers hover in endless wait.

Spirituality is not religion and
The spirit’s faith made the man.
For here hinges hope men sang;
They say who really is the pagan.

Men will disappoint