Life Is Not Everything — Bipolar by cola

Life is not everything, a shadow of me, exists out there somewhere in the sea. Breath is not everything, a slight tense, is making the waking dream come sense. Light is not everything, the new dark comes, for the lonely soul who think he has won. Dark is not everything, light burns the night away […]

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5 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy 5th Anniversary with for YasNiger!!!!
YasNiger- “Witty Written Works” registered on 5 years ago Today.
Thanks to everyone for flying with me all this long while.
After 1,190 POSTS
After 33,566 VIEWS
After 11,290 VISITORS
After over 3,500 FOLLOWERS,

Feline — Lonely Blue Boy

Where does she go when her home isn’t her home? I am worried about her. This girl whom I love so much. I am worried that her home would one day turn into a dungeon where she would be tortured by the people whom she should’ve loved but couldn’t love because these people whom […]

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Become — Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag The little girl looked at her father and asked him why she bled after collecting a fresh cut from a sliver of paper. ‘Some people like to think that it’s to remind us that our hearts are still beating. I think it’s to remind us that we can heal and become whole […]

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To me, the real beauty in blogging is having persons of like minds limitlessly partake in their favourite pastime of writing and reading. If we can do this and also make lots of incredibly smart friends while at it, then indeed it is a beautiful thing.

I extend my sincere thanks to a very special person, who indeed personifies the beauty of blogging in every regard, for nominating me with the Beautiful Blogger Award.

It is only fitting that such a beautifully minded individual should list me amongst her nomination for this award. Beauty brings forth beauty. I feel elated, proud and humbled at the same time. This award is even more special because in was given to me by Rhonda:

Swords & Pistols
As I rake in more of these nominations (Awards), it is getting quite overwhelming and one is conscious that it could also get heady and lead to an overconfidence in the value of one`s work.

I thus feel the need to invite a lot more criticism of my efforts, so that I can improve on them as well as my overall writing skills. It is important to me that I do a good job of putting out my creative thoughts to enable my readers both comprehend and enjoy my creations in every ramification I reveal them in.

My ultimate objective of being a successful writer can only be achieved if my creativity matches my abilities in expressing them and that is the part a blogging community can play for me in particular and other writers in general.

So people, unsheathe the swords and do not holster those loaded pistols you are keeping in check and let fly those constructive criticisms. By all means, do not dispense with the friendly and encouraging chit-chats. Every emerging talent needs a nudge of encouragement to spur them on at their early nursing stage. Still let us know when we are wrong and doing badly, when we are being unconvincing and also what we could and ought to do better.

So to my delightful friend Rhonda I extend my gratitude for this nomination. She has a wonderful blog that helps without making a fuss about it and you would love her overtly steadfast perspective and sincere critique of everyday issues, garnished with humor and a mature sense of well being. I recommend her dose of logic any day!

To comply with the provisions of this nomination, I am expected to nominate 7 blogs too. This, I will do with some effort because there are so many wonderful blogs to choose from. I will however make an effort to nominate some of the ones I had only recently fallen in love with.

My Seven
Breyonnamelicia: The simplicity of her poems disguises the force they are packed full of!

Peter Kerry Powers: You will want to read him repeatedly and then definitely write too!

Southernwild: The saying goes; Southerners are Wild, and this one truly is!

Sheila Hurst: Description is never fully done and here is another reason why!

Camgal: Delightfully fresh and so youthful in a strangely quite mature way!

Allthingsboys: There is more to things than are said or told, seen or show!

Veehaunanifitzhugh: A lot of things get written but a lot more comes across unsaid, yet as clearly!

These are great blogs and you will do well to drop in on them!

Now if you seven nominees choose to accept, copy and post the award icon to your blogs, provide a link to your nominee, then nominate any other seven blogs you would like to recognize, and let them know you have nominated them.


I am making friends all over the place and a model-like favorite of mine; camgal, tagged me with a delightful reminder of how important it is for the blogging community to learn more about its own & show them off too.

So brace up kids & you’re it!

Here are the rules, read them, they are important
1. You must post the rules.
2. You must post eleven fun facts about yourself.
3. You must answer the questions your tagger set for you
4. You must create eleven questions to ask the people you tag.
5. Tag eleven people and link them on your post.
6. Let them know you have tagged them.

So here are 11 fun facts about myself ……

I am tall & I have problems with doors & ceiling fans.
I do not like horror films & don’t see the point in them!
I read a lot & read a number of books simultaneously.
I love classical music & sleep or read with music playing.
I enjoy driving on highways or hiking anywhere.
I make friends with ladies easier & have few male friends.
I find the concept of Gay persons intriguingly misconstrued.
I love kids stuff, Cartoons strips & adore kids to a fault.
I adore Williams Shakespeare & Wordsworth & Leon Uris.
I keep to myself mostly but love feisty heated debates often.
I like making others happy & quite often get hurt as a result.

Answers to questions from camgal

1- If you were a spy and had to make up 3 Aliases and Be from 3 different countries, what names and countries would you choose?

I will stick to a single name: Man Fang & I could easily be A Native American, A Chinese man & A Nigerian from one of the southeastern coast ethnicity groupings.

2- What is your worst vacation spot?

The noisy, hot & speculative city of Lagos, Nigeria,

3- Would you overcome your greatest fear if you were offered half of a million dollars?

I do not think so because I dread being imprisoned & a million dollars could as easily imprison me or hasten my route to being caged.
4- Imagine you were about to get killed by terrorists, what would you do?
Take some of them with me & save as many innocent persons as possible; not necessarily in that other
5- If you owned a billion dollar company, what kind of company would it be?
It will be one that sells the most essential live-saving drugs at very affordable prices.
6- What are your best memories since you started blogging?
Finding out how easily I could put my work out there & having it read by lots of interested people, was a huge revelation. I cherish that sole memory endlessly.
7- If you could go back in time would you make all the choices you made or would you change things and what kind of things?
I will make the same wrong & right choices definitely because I still wouldn’t know how the renewed changes would turn out anyway. That is confusing eh? Well that is the sheer abnormality of the concept of time travel. It is ridiculous!

8- Do you find blogging about whatever it is you blog about- EASY/MEDIUM/DIFFICULT and why?

EASY, but that is only because I love writing for writing sakes.

9- What kind of music are you into and who are you worst artists?

I love classical & Praise singers; not the church sorts, annoy me.

10- What kind of novels do you read and who are your best writers?

Fiction based on history & poetry with tangible imagery based on intangible thoughts. I adore Williams Shakespeare & Wordsworth & Leon Uris
11- How odd were these questions and did you find them hard to answer?
The first question about being a spy was weird but all the others were rather conventional & easy enough.

My list of honors & not victims;

Rhonda ; I guess there IS a cure for the incurable!
Subhan Zein
Sharmishtha Basu
Life is an Exquisite Journey

My questions for your answering!

If you really had the option of changing your name, identity & nationality, would you & to what, if you could?
What do you thing is the reasons why some people are gay & other are not?
If you alone knew for certain when you will die, would you rather keep it a secret or tell anyone?
Do you think you will be a lot happier of you were a lot more different from what you are now?
If you had the choice of killing someone painlessly, to save them and prevent them from an agonizingly slowly death, would you?
What is cruelest comment you had made on somebody else`s blog post, was it honestly made & would you take it back if you could?
Has blogging made a world of difference in your life?
Do you have any particular event that you could quite clearly identify as the most life altering occurrence in your life?
Do you think educated people are a lot friendlier & more sincere than uneducated persons?
What are the most difficult choices you made & would you change these choices if you had a foolproof chance to do so?
What is the longest time you have kept a secret & did you let it out intentionally finally or someone else did?

Please do endeavor to play along & keep the tag flow going.



Yet again my blog has been listed by another blogger for another award. This time a published writer has identified with my work. My gratitude goes to Kellie Larsen Murphy: ; a writer, mother & books enthusiast, for nominating me for the Lucky 7 award. This indeed is a very special honor.
Like most other awards of this nature, the award’s primarily objective is to publicize the work of bloggers. The Lucky 7 award specifically provides a forum for writers to showcase a piece of their work and pass it along to other aspiring novelists. This piece of their manuscript; whether it is prose or poetry, novels, short stories or essays, could be part of a complete work or just part of something they are still working on.
As it is customary with most blog based awards, the nominated person is expected to nominated others too. The nominated writer does the following:
• Go to Page 77 of your manuscript
• Go to line 7
• Copy next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs into your post
• Give the award to 7 more writers
I’m not a published writer Yet! I’ve three complete works ready and I’m a third way done on a fouth. I’m very hopeful I’ll be acknowledged and duly published in the near future. Unfortunately, the oppurtunities on offer for publishing are not exactly over flowing and dripping down the forearms of budding writers, especially on the African continent. My blog has done well. The commendable Following (Over 230), Viewing & Hits (Over 2,600) & Awards (3) I got in just five months is most encouraging & quite reassuring.
Thank you all for veiwing, commenting & following my blog!

The excerpt I chose for the purpose of this award is from my unpublished novel. This excerpt is from an over 740 pager titled: FEVER! Below are 7 paragraphs, starting from the 7th line of the 77th page & beneath that is a synopsis of the novel.

The first dock worker that came up the placed gangway, after it had been properly fasten to enable the briefly delayed passengers to leave the docked ship, was visibly stunned to come face to face with the returning young orphan. At first glance, the older man thought he had been mystically transferred back in time and was instead facing the much revered late chief servant of the long departed colonial elder statesman.
Such was the likeness of the son to his late father’s younger features, that the stunned old dock worker’s alarmed expression said as much. It was as if an old mirror had mystically transverse the superficies of the two separated, decades apart times, bringing back the reflection of the father with it to the present. Though startled by his instant unexpected recognition of the young returnee, the old dock worker had remained calm and tried not to give away his thoughts. But his initial reaction had already given him away.
The plan the young man initially had was to slip back into the coastal town unannounced and unnoticed, so that he could privately and secretly assess the prevailing situation and take complete possession of his entire inheritance there, before ultimately commencing the execution of the elaborate scheme he had fashioned out, based on the spelt out written brief of his late father. But he now had to come to terms with what would be his complete inability to show himself around freely, without being identified for whose son he is.
It would certainly be impossible for him to freely go around unrecognized because of those unique facial and bodily features distinct to his family and which his father had already made easily recognizable by his prominence in the coastal town just over three decades earlier, when he looked only a shade older but was indeed much older than his returning son. He had looked much like the boy does then.
Responding to an instant brain wave, the boy quickly called the old dock worker aside and after a very brief introduction to explain his obvious resemblance to his famous late father, he summarily offered the old dock worker a mouth-watering deal. He asked the old man to be his personal assistant. But before the old dock worker replied, he had requested for a few minutes to attend to the crew of the docked vessel first, like he was duty bond to.
After he had waited for the passengers of the ship to start disembarking, he rejoined the young man in his private luxury cabin to get more acquainted with the job he was being offered, the same job he would subsequently do for the rest of his already considerably advanced age. It is the kind of work he appeared quite suited for with his vast international exposure, experience and current vocational knowledge.
The old dock worker was a very likeable chap, whose tale was a list of missed opportunities and that of endless patience which characterizes persons unwilling to take any kind of risk to achieve their fantastic dreams; those many dreams they have nursed for so long. And when they fail in pursuing these dreams, they still have the audacity to blame everybody else but themselves. As an orphaned young lad too, the old dock worker had followed his holidaying uncle back to the coastal town to work as a bellhop in the hotel where his uncle worked as an old kitchen-help. This was in the earlier years, just before the amalgamation of the colonized regions.




The family made up a nation that approved and doled out its versioned justice to all its number, but appeases none of them really. It fostered its own colossal failure in combined efforts. It made that of its constituent membership insignificant and trivial in an unimportant way.

There is the honest triumph of labour, the hugely varied effect of wit against diverse hardship, and the effectiveness of corruption where all other approaches have failed. But the lingering damage it leaves in its wake is too tasteless to be edible and yet must be wholly eaten.

There is the highly proclaimed effect of diverse personalities on their orientations and these aren’t disguised in the blatant tribalism, regionalism and ethnicity that surround it all. Everything merges into these vastly imitated robustly parochial ways that are too alike to be sincerely different, revealing a rich nation with a fever it resembles.

Fever is an exposition of a heady, but not inscrutable abstract story, conceived on the telling likeness in the revelations of evident bodily symptoms to a practically dysfunctional well knitted family which has managed to coexist like the administrative and geographical national entity the family is indigenous to, resembles and lives in. It points to its entire nature in an elaborated seemingly fictional story. It likens every aspect of it entirely and symbolizes it with such inane clarity.


Below are my own 7 nominations for the Lucky 7 Awards.

Thanks for everything.

YASNIGER awarded the VBA

My gratitude goes to james369 ; for norminating me for the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA)! This is my second Blogging award. The Liebster Award was my first. Once again I feel quite honored. The recognition is inspirational and most appreciated.

Things you might like to know about me:

– I am a northern Nigerian male & I’m not hiding my identity, just not making it an issue.
– I live in Abuja, The Nigerian capital city.
– ‘Yasniger’ combines my initials ‘YAS’ & my country’s most dominant river; ‘Niger’.
– I have been writing for well over two decades.
– I read everything & I mean everything.
– I have very strong christian convictions but I’m not fanatical and a lot more logical.
– I take my writing very seriously & enjoy it tremendously.

I however still choose not post the awards’ logo conspicuiously on my blog not because I do not recognize, appreciate and value the awards but simply because it isn’t in my character to do so. The awards are mainly ‘a great way to get word out there about other blogs’ and aims to propagate the blogging community to admirable heights.

As such, by likewise awarding the VBA to 15 fellow bloggers of my chioce and leaving comments on this regard to each of these 15 bloggers to let them know they are recipeints of the VBA, I’m invariably requesting they do the same to those they also nominate. This award is thus geared towards publicizing the blogging community’s activities.

I’m proud to extend this facility to some wonderful bloggers who had given me such pleasure over these past months.

So I nominate the following blogs for the VBA;

To wordart2012 ! For exceptional artistry with words.

To truelovejunkie ! For the captivating manner feelings are expressed.

To Matthew Andrako ! For inspirational perspectives articulated insightfully.

To insidethebirdcage ! For writing about birds like nobody else would.

To philosophywithfries ! For the incisive logic expressed.

To ! For actually being a quite versatile blog.

To ! For her warm soothing poetry.

To ! For the sheer ingenuity.

To http://lifeisanexquisitejourney/ ! For a sense of style.

To ! For a promising internet based writers’ community.

To ! For insights on gender oddities.

To ! For bold perspectives & the grandest quotes.

To ! For a world of continiuous discoveries.

To ! For a compelling comic series.

To ! For that insanely sensible flair.

Visit this blogs. You will find they are worth your attention and time.
Thank you following and veiwing my blog!

Yas Niger

I’ve been asked about the origin of these awards but hadn’t been quite forthcoming with good responses. I hope the following note on this award will help. Thanks.

About the VBA : james369

“In the few short months I was on a blogging hiatus, there has been a wave of awards hitting the blogosphere. The most prevalent one appears to be the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA). And I’ve been awarded one

“Being the research minded individual that I am, I tried to uncover how this award started. About 4 pages into a Google search and 3 pages in to a Bing search, I couldn’t track down the origin of the award. What I did learn was that there seemed to be several variations on how this award was carried out, ranging from the number of people the recipient then needs to nominate/award, to the 7 pieces of information the recipients divulge about themselves, and even the graphic used to display the award.

“After my exhaustive internet search about the award (hey, going past the first page of a search engine is considered exhaustive these days) I gave up and decided to embrace the award. While some bloggers seem annoyed by the award, most bloggers seem to enjoy the sense of camaraderie the award fosters. From what I’ve observed, the VBA is a way for bloggers to recognize other blogs and share a little more information about themselves to their audience.

“For those who haven’t encountered the VBA yet, here are the rules:
Thank the person who gave you this award. Include a link to their blog.
Select 15 blogs you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
Nominate these 15 bloggers for the VBA & include a link to these sites.

The Liebster Award For Bloggers Feathers Yasniger’s Cap!

So much gratitude to lifeisanexquisitejourney for norminating me for the Liebster Award! It was completely unexpected.
The Liebster Award… ‘is given to bloggers who inspire you and have less than 200 followers. The Liebster Award takes its name from the German word meaning ‘Beloved, Dearest or Favorite.’
It is an honor to be recognized as inspirational and the contents of my blog appreciated in this manner.
I’ve been made aware that I firstly have to link back to the person who gave me the award and thank them, which is the obvious response I have already done. Next, I should post the award to my blog. That would be very unlike me, so I’ll keep that pending; until I’m very certain whatever decision I make regarding this wouldn’t offend anybody.
Then, I’m now empowered to give the award to 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers, that catch my fancy. Those I ‘appreciate and value’.
It is indeed ‘a great way to get word out there about other blogs!’
Finaly, I’m to leave comments on each of these 5 bloggers to let them know that they are also recipeints of this award.
Nominating 5 bloggers is gonner be a tough one because most of those I follow actually inspired me in different ways and I’m thankful t