Buhari headache

Teachers always have the best debates because they are never conclusive and go on forever in a reel of counter opinions. The crafty trickery of knowledge is however not the same with the might of power. The most contrasting thing about them both is the compromising capability of the former and the complete lack of it in the latter, it is a glaring distinction.

It is obvious that when the brute force of power establishes itself by being more cautious than curious, it thrives. The complete opposite is the case with academic pursuits, in its objective of knowledge acquisition. Where knowledge will heed and be satisfied with an informed consent not concurring with its initial opinion, power will still need loud hypocrisy and the constant visible approval it gets. The friends of power stick to it because of what it gives them subsequently. They are the most unreliable sort to have around because power corrupts all and sundry, as such they will always bite the hand that feeds them eventually. It is always a matter of time.

Even death is a disciple of power by its sheer arbitrary blatant exhibition of it, with its endless spate of unannounced uncompassionate comings and goings, thievery and mystery. There is never defeating death but there is always that moment of victory in what is achieved by living and it is that victory death always seeks to negate by its very sudden brief presence. The history of every man hangs on the very thin thread of truth and this fact lingers on to suffice the near late power of death, even after it has done its worse.

While creative fiction might appear to be pleasantly rewarding, history is the truth that lingers on into oblivion. The artistic lessons of calamities in fiction do not reveal or renew like history does. There is always that tangible realistic presence in the mutual edification of history, in its descendants, that fiction can never really fully copy with its detailed ingenuity.
History is always seen to have transcended all rational understanding with its mystery, which when logically considered objectively are momentarily sincere to every factual detail. A lot is told about a people by the way they chose to reveal, tell, teach and handle their history. The manner in which they handle the extreme stress of its gory revelations alongside its proud fray, and response to allegations leveled against it, reflects on their future in more ways than they could imagine.


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A World of Sentiments

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