Very crafty bit of work.

shaped like a blur

(What would you do if you were in my place? If you look into my eyes and know from then and there the true story of the person you are looking at? Would you still look at me the same way?)

Our love, a Tapestry

Nothing is wrong.
but you act like
it’s something that we should talk about;
I have to tell you that
this is not true.
I am perfectly fine.
I smile and say,
“What will happen will happen,”
because that’s the way life works.
There is pain
but that ends quickly.

As I look at the mirror, I feel awful;
I fear not being with you.
These nightmares are the reason
there shouldn’t be anything to be afraid of.
It is never true that
handling these well of emotion is difficult.
I have always found that
it is easy to be calm,
I hate when you tell me

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