Captivating piece

"Isle of View"

Limited light…Angel whispers

penetrate cool mists of late afternoon

beckoning my attention,

my awareness sharply fine tuned.

The veils of time thin.

The sun stands still

I mirror the motion


Breathing in the damp chill

cloaking my emotions in the wilderness

of my soul.

Bracing stillness wraps my being like warm fingers

caressing my body, melting my fears.

Stars illuminate the velvet fabric of the celestial poles.

I hear the angels sing.

The night feels long, forever

The hole through the earth deep with memory

Awareness shifts from past to present

Into various realities

As consciousness arks brightly beyond infinity.

The sun smiles

shining beams of brilliant

light, luster restored ever present

golden moments gaining steadily.

The cosmos forever resilient.

Goodness returns

Every fiber alive and vigilant

as we move into long Rays

of a new day.

The angels sing.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

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