Don’t Hesitate

Powerful poem

Rapid Fire & Short Bursts

Don’t Hesitate


New, fresh, untravelled success
It’s good when people face this test
With trepidation in those first steps
Yet moving forward is always best.

The fears are natural, you may fail you may fall
Though if you never have tried
In older years you will sigh
What if, if only, I could’ve maybe?
So with fears in tow, go ahead take it slow.
Give yourself the benefit of doubts
Push yourself to seek new hopes.

Relish in the opportunity,
It’s not success that pays the reward
It’s you that’s finally breaking the mold
The one that has held you back
The insecurity from your past.

So now bravely go, take your place on life’s stage
Stand and wait for the applause
You’ve chosen wisely
You have decided, now move
Your body and your mind
Surpass all that you’ve left behind

Step into your world anew
You’ve created a different…

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