The Only One

Powerful piece

Rapid Fire & Short Bursts

The Only One


She gives her love
With a certain grace
The countenance of
An angel, on her face

For even the littlest of things
She is grateful
Treasures them all
Even a cup of coffee
A gift so small

Easy to love
Full of wish
Dreams it’s true
He’ll always be there
Her past deceives her
Often she doubts

Brilliant of mind
Quick to grasp
Bit too quick to judge
Chalk it up to her past

Smart and funny
With a biting quip
A loving mother
She gives her best

Yes, she’s found love
It’s lasting and true
All she needs to seal it
Is to believe in you

She craves publicity
Of the bond
It’s not his style
To trumpet his life
Out loud

It’s with no disrespect
Or qualms of doubt
He’s told her he loves her
For him it’s all right

He pledges his word

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