(excerpts from Strenght of the Woman; Chapter 2)

Painted People form a Frog

Imagination is the gift of an improved common mental talent, quite unlike the perceived useless dream which is uncontrollably pointless. If a choice is allowed to differentiate between the two, when analyzed individually, the distinct trait quite common to both dreams and imaginations, glares back with only one similarity; they are both activities of the mind. However that is as far as their resemblance reaches, since the ever spectacular dream is the sprinkled effortless unconscious resultant of the pressures put on the mind that are never vouchsafed.

Imagination on the other hand is the controlled reflexive expression of the active mind, resulting from the conscious response of the lucid mind to pressures applied to it. Dreams are a series of haphazard mental images played inside sleeping minds. They appear involuntarily inside the mind when it is unconscious, in a vague mixture of real and unreal personalities, items, places and incidences. The keyword of note here is Involuntary; thus it is an unconscious activity.

Imagination is summed up as the ability to visualize series of sequential mental images and ideas that have most likely never been experienced previously by the mind that composes them, in any earlier physical form. Their fullest potential have a reputation not deserved as actually earned. Imagination is the conscious creative expression of the mind. It is a revelation of its mystical resourcefulness, with which it fashions out a simple non-physical uncomplicated semblance of reality.

It samples life with continuous practice as it embarks on entertaining itself, creating varied lineaments of its desired character or simply unraveling issues confronting it. Some of the most intelligent minds around had become geniuses because they had polished and harnessed the art of imagination. Good imagination repeatedly added vital bits of information and given an unexpected heads up to deserving people. Imagination has become an art and is used to very good effect.

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4 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Good morning Yas’, thanks for the useful read. Just little about the dream. Yes, unconscious is the most common occurrence, but there a few around the world who can construct a dream, a type of dream that bleeds into imagination – given the conscious act that brings it about. As practiced Don Juan Matus and Carlos Castaneda http://www.federaljack.com/ebooks/Castenada/books/9.%20The%20Art%20Of%20Dreaming.pdf
    Hope, in this link, you would enjoy the art of dreaming. Thanks again

    1. Thanks Diabel, I am familiar with what you mean, but you will find that I was very specific about the type of dreams I referred to in the post.

      Thanks for the link, it will be quite enlightening

    1. And you are right, it was a VERY good context to expand (My &) people’s knowledge about other aspects of dreaming. I am glad you did. Thanks for doing so. Be safe my friend.

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