Save our girls
(excerpts from Boko Haram: Western Values are Forbidden; Chapter 7)

This is a tribute to the over two hundred girls abducted by Boko Haram from the north eastern Nigeria a year ago. You might find the following excerpt rather unsettling, but be advised that though the deductions are based on actual facts, what you are about to read is a work of fiction. #BringBackOurGirls #ChibokGirls

“But what message do you have for the Nigerian people and the rest of the world who were hopeful that they were rid of Boko Haram?”

“This is the calm before the storm. The long dormant seed of Boko Haram has germinated and grown into a massive oak tree that can not be uprooted with mere hands of the Nigerian Armed forces. The Western world must recognize this fact.”

“Boko Haram abducted more than two hundred Nigerian school girls that have not been heard of as a whole again. Do you know what has become of them?”

“That is a very funny incident for me personally.” “Funny?” The black reporter asked in amazement. The Sheik was sweating profusely as the reporter gasped.

“Yes funny, because it wasn’t made an issue that these girls had actually been gathered together by elements in the Nigerian Western Educational system; with the approval and sponsorship of their parents and guardians. They hid them away from the Nigerian authorities so they can secretly carry out their acts of gross examination practices. This is a very common practice in Nigeria. While the Nigerian authorities claim they weren’t aware of this, Boko Haram didn’t and took the initiative to put and end to it. They took away the girls and gave them more meaningful lives to live.” The reporter had no idea his mouth had stayed open.

“Incredible! So the innocent school girls were saved by their abduction?”

“Yes and like I told you earlier, the concept of ‘Innocent Victims’ it too vague. In this case will you call these girls, their parents or their school management or educational authorities innocent victims? They were all complacent and actually exposed in the act of defrauding their very own sick Western educational system.”

“But are the girls all alive and living somewhere else presently?”

“No, many of them are not. Some got the most glorious martyr death of suicide bombers. Some escaped, some were killed by the bombing of the Nigerian Armed forces over the Boko Haram positions. Some are with their good Muslim husbands around the world, enjoying their lives as good faithful obedient Muslim wives.”

“They were sold as slave wives?” the reporter asked and the Sheik laughed.

“If you like. In your view all dowries are payments for female slaves then?” The reporter didn’t recognize the ingenuity in the first and only joke they shared.

“I also found this so called abduction of the school girls funny for another reason,” the Sheik continued. “For centuries disgruntle militant fighters have abducted massive numbers of young innocent school boys as their main source of recruits and over hundreds of years forcibly turned them into ruthless fighters who terrorized local communities with relative ease. But there has never been such a worldwide out roar or a whole scale international effort to rescue them.

“Maybe if the militants had instead been taking young school girls in such huge numbers, there would have been genuine efforts to end it all. The abduction of young boys by militants actually pose more danger than the abduction of young girls because the boys instantly get directly involved with the fighting, becoming future militants themselves. Western values has lots of misplaced priorities, some of them out-rightly illogical. I remember reading about how decades ago the Jewish inventors of suicide bombing had bombed and killed lots of Germans. This was about a decade after the holocaust. But the Germans just wouldn’t retaliate.

“”Because we are Germans and they are Jews.” That is the reason a German federal minister gave when asked why they weren’t retaliating. That is stupid! The elimination of millions of Jews in the holocaust is the single most laudable act of the Western world and it should have been continued with equal zeal and craft.”

“Don’t you feel there are consequences for all actions, especially killing men?”

“It is because we will eventually face the consequences of all our actions that every one of our action must be as Allah wills it, for we exist for His pleasure. Gladly this concept is acceptable to all Abrahamic religions, only Muslims act on it.” The reporter succumbed to the urge to say something in defense of liberality.

“Still you must admit that the common truth about your kind of people is they are predominantly Muslims. What is it about your brand of Islam that makes you think it is justified to use deadly force and kill people, to make a point? One will think there is a distinct teaching in all Islam that encourages this sort of it?”

AA-Boko Haram - Cover
Boko Haram; Western Values Are Fobidden….
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10 thoughts on “#BringBackOurGirls

  1. Heartwrenching…but I think a needed insight. What are our motivations for helping? Why do we not fight harder and against all injustice? Probably because we don’t know what to do…or because it is far from our bedside, and so far from our thoughts…

    1. Why don’t we do something or do more? I guess all of the above reasons you offered…… & most likely, because it feels like a losing battle for civility. We worry that if we fight them by curtailing their rights & freedom to fully practice the strict form of their faith, we just might become like them.

      Funny thing is that they know this & use this weakness of ours against us.

  2. Hey Yas, I haven’t disappeared or gone away. I will be posting an item that explains my whereabouts in a few days. I’ve had a rather busy time lately as I can see that you have as well. Keep up the good work. —Jerry

  3. Can you believe this happened a year ago?

    I think one of the reasons Boko Haram went that far was that in Nigeria, we do not fight collective fights – their problem mentality aided by the leaders imposed on us. What hope do we have for these girls ever returned?

    1. There is still hope for most of them, as long as they are still alive. Hate to say it, but in this case those taken as wives or sold had it better, compared to those we fear were used as suicide bombers. Good thing is they are all in their late teens (at least) & can remember where their homes are. They were actually all gathered to write their WAEC/SSCE when they were nabbed. I hope someone will do something about the school officials & Exams officers, whose activites led to the girls being snached.

  4. That’s a good point re the school officials and Exam officers – no smoke without fire as the saying goes.

    Even if the girls were released, one can not assume they are the ‘same’ person as they used to be given what we have seen of people being radicalised – fingers crossed, we will get some back as they will help unfold some mysteries.

  5. The new Nazi.
    We are deep into World War Three and desperately argue isolation … As in the last world war…

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