I am very old fashioned when it comes to a few things. I am the first to admit it. Most folks will think that is a bad thing, but soon everyone learns that being old fashioned is the most likely the proper, the decent and the safe option.

Of the few things I am old fashioned in, how sex is presented to young children in glowing language stands out. I find that improper, not decent and most certainly not safe.

In the most sweetish manner sex is literally preach to our little Angels, by certain persons, the unseasoned goats among us.

Singing whispers talk to the Angels,
The embers of dying souls yet float.
Smell and eat the matrimony of singles,
The adulterous flesh of the human Goat.

Beautiful, sweet, soft words speak to the good,
Firing up the hapless situation with much wood.
Enjoying fully ungodly coupling of un-wedded hope,
Grown up, unethical nature of the animistic dope.

Being single is likened to being married in modern times. There is no rule to coupling any longer in these days of civil rights and civilities. All of a sudden we are all grown up, unethical and no different from animistic Goats.



8 thoughts on “GOATS

  1. Thank you, I also find that being old fashioned is best. Modern society has moved away from morality so far that a person who tries to live a moral life style finds themselves outcasts and an oddity rather than a normal person. There are two root causes there; secularism and political correctness. You do well and we all appreciate you.

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      It is more so annoying how those who adhere to clearly laudable values that are truly of ancient origins are now considered dinosaurs and jeered at.


  2. Ha ha – I suppose it depends on which age group you referred to as ‘children’. You will be surprised that in our society many are old fashioned especially when it comes to sex. However, what we can not afford to be ‘old fashioned’ about is the knowledge – we are in changing times.

    As a woman, I think girls and boys in their teens needed to be taught about sex – information designed to help understand their growing bodies and mostly to open up conversations so they can be free to get help from parents or trusted family members when stuck.

    Also, see all these information crawling out with pupils in boarding schools and certain churches where trusted elders abuse children – here, children do need to understand that trust is important, know that certain behaviour is unacceptable and also to be confident that it is okay to ‘tell on’ perpetrators.

    1. I agree generally with what you say & I hope I insinuated that much, somewhat. Maybe it didn’t come across like I hoped but I was referring to the aspect where very colourful language and imagery is used to entice children of all ages into seeking sexual pleasures for just the sake of it. This in my opinion is principally responsible for the despicable behavior of rape & other frivolous sexual habits.

      1. Got ya. This is what I have worried about in Nigeria specifically that attention is not paid to tv program rated age – this seems to cut across whereby adults watching programs meant for adults with children present. This is worse now with smart phones, which really means parents are out of touch with what their children are exposed to.

        However, just because we have children, the world of adults will not seize to exist, hence the education and need for parents to be in the ‘know’ and like many parents around the world are doing put precautions in place such as ‘parental control’ to access certain information for computer or on smart phones.

        But rape has been around for a long time, we only started to see how common and damaging it is with social media, abi?

      2. Honestly, parents have to be really tough with their children if they wish to get some measure of control. I don’t mean beating and such, but to instill firm control measures. There is more need for that now than ever before.

      3. that’s right and not being educated would not good enough excuse as Nigeria goes. Even a measure of control could simply be not buying a smart phone for under 18 if parents can’t read…

      4. That is always a good one, because even if the teenagers manage to have access to a smart phone or the internet somehow, the parent still has that initiative in reeling them back in line. It is a very helpful measure.

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