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Ever wonder what men grow up learning from other men about their bodies? No beating around the bush, have you ever wondered if boys/men are taught how to managed their sentiments, when it came to women?
Don’t lie, you had and still are wondering.

Any way, let me put you out of you misery.
You think you have figured out men?
Well, you never fully can.

It is very simply, really.
Because men haven’t figured out themselves yet and are constantly fighting their sentiments.

You think that is a whole lot of rubbish, don’t you?
Then read my case below……

“Daddy smiled and coughed light,
Understanding my explained plight.
Men are lonely and they know,
Yet they conspire not to let show.

“These women are assisted all through
By their very own sex, unlike you.
Firstly by mothers or sisters, then peers.
All thrust, show or coax their shares.

“Ladies understand the bodies’ world well
As they grow so guided, you can tell.
The boy discovers on his very own.
And thus, what he finds is his fun.”

Every young boy searches on and what tiny bits he finds, picks up or scavenge along the way, he tries to enjoy and make the best of as much as he can, like a lone wild wolf out in his personal world.

So beware ladies.
Next fellow you meet, could have tamed his wild sentiments for real or not. He is at best, just keeping his urges in check.
No man is ever fully domesticated.

Good luck, eternal Spouse of Sentiments.

You owe me big time, ladies.
Gratitude accepted!


    1. Who is keeping check of who reads what?
      Certainly not me….. LOL

      Thanks for approving.
      Means a lot for a fellow ‘lone wolf’ to like it.

      1. You had said for females but I read it anyway. Which I guess goes to your point 🙂

  1. Good one.

    Now, don’t you wonder Yas, why men who are still learning about themselves sometimes claim ‘know all’ about ladies?

    I think we will all learn a lot if we just accept being leaners 🙂

    1. You trust me to be honest, don’t you?

      Most guys are full of it & don’t really need to bother knowing all about ladies. They glorify their comfortable confusion with the bounties their perceived natural supremacy continually gives them. With all the women in their lives at their beck & call, it is relatively much easier being a man than it is being a woman, almost everywhere in the natural world.

      But really, ladies are easy to know about because all their complexities are geared towards one futile goal; being recognized as the man’s equal. By themselves, by the man and by the rest of the universe. They are only to glad to let the man ‘know all about them’….

      A man will never know all about what it feels like to be a woman (even if he medically or sexually manages to be like one). But like in a game of soccer, both parties are only headed towards their opponent’s goal-post. Only in this case, the woman is always willing for different reasons & circumstances, to score an own goal.

      Read this shortish play I wrote for radio….
      You will love it.

      Good for the goose, enough for the gander (Its Free)


      1. Really? LOL. Really, Women only goal was to be seeing as men’s equal? You are the one full of it. I’ll read your play and be sure to get back at you.

      2. I should have warned you, you wouldn’t like it. So tell me, how else will you generalize the collective goal of women?

  2. 🙂 No warning required o, LOL. I think the collective goal of women the world over was to be seen as a person of their own and to be treated as such. It seems women wanted to be men’s equal only when talking about the extent of inequalities that is solely based on gender and nothing else – men being seen as superior as opposed to value added qualities. For example differences in wage when contribution is exactly the same.

    Safer to generalise on the fact that women deserved to be acknowledged and given fair playing platform to fully contribute to their society.

    I bet you’d say like men? Not necessarily, more like people with the right quality for the job at hand.

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