You are only young once,
Blossomed to take your chance;
To scent the world’s spring
With the fruit kinds you bring.

Once you’re born and take your place in the world as a young fruitful child, you get that one chance to fill the world around you with your presence.

Richly made and endowed with the seeds of life, you come into the world with the natural capability to blossom and fill the world with the pleasant odor of your flowers and the richness of your fruits. Yet you can choose to fill the world with the thorny bushes of your negativity and the meanness it harbors.

Would you take your chance and scent the world with the fruit kinds you bring?

7 thoughts on “YOUNG AGAIN

  1. Very true indeed. Many seasons do come and yield all sorts of crops. Some learn from the thorns, while others are hardened forever.
    Beautifully written.

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