Have you had some difficulty in explaining a complex term to a child before? A simple thing like sex, birth, love or death could prove more complex than it normally is when you try to explain it to children.

Stories in any simple form get you there. 

It has worked for ages, ancient folks had tapped at the unlimited resources of story telling when it comes to educating the young. 

Singing the tales in cute rhymes makes them easy to remember and children always love to sing. Sneak in a lesson or two, you are done and dusted. It stays with them all their lives and gets passed on for all time, if it is good. 

For centuries kids have ‘Row, rowed their boats,’ beneath ‘Twinkle twinkle little stars’ and ‘life is but a dream’ for these ‘Diamonds in the sky.’

You hope and pray that you can keep them safe.

In their warm beds and for every story end,
You hope for the best for each of them. 

You hope they hear you and the messages, use them and just be normal.

Sim played ‘a lil’ house’
On the Muddy’s bank.
Then came a lil’ mouse
And Sim’s skin shrank.

Sim slipped and fell,
Splash into the Muddy.
Soon lil’ Sim could tell
To swim is so hardy.

Lil’ Sim so drank
The bad muddy water.
As her tiny head sank
No one saw Sim later.

Where lil’ Sim will be
Clothes are not clean,
Eyes dark as night be,
They eat no lil’ bean.

O lil’ Sim’s friends
Don’t you wish her here?
Warm beds and story ends,
Like all here who hear.

18 thoughts on “LIL’ SIM

  1. I think stories are a great way to explain a complex idea to a child. They are smarter than we often give them credit for and they can make associations to understand various concepts.

  2. Great post. I believe in a more spiritual and emotional way to educate kids. They often know better than we do. And it is important to spark their interest through stories, singing, exercising, and playing games. We should be the best partners to our kids for as long as they need us.

  3. These topics need not be complicated if adults explain to kids with age-appropriate terms. For instance on the birth, example of planting seeds and watching it grow worked wonder for a group of 6 years old and explaining in simple terms and even with visual aids helps them appreciate the complex work of human body better.

    Masking it for them just complicate things…in my experience.

    1. Yes, that is a good point. but come to think of it, our parents masked the truth in mystery for us & look how we all turned out; quite well….. I don’t aspire to this modern down-to-earth methods of educating kids.

  4. Off she goes, facing
    momentary flow
    of real tears.
    The last of the clever cube
    workers programmed a local

    music man
    into the airplane,
    Carolina bound.
    Taylor serenades
    her. Welcome to pottery.

    She is adept at
    multiple friendships,
    without having to do the
    familial, marital chores.

    My plea is
    to one day enjoy
    the same lifestyle as
    my wife and son. Spoiled
    yet productive, creative

    and hard at
    the books every day. They sit
    and watch as
    I coalesce, stagnant
    due to knee, hoping

    writing keeps
    my weight down. Hawks and turtles
    tie us, sheet
    ice, winter glimmer,
    downshift, huddle close.

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