Okpekpe Experience

I was recently in Okpekpe Village in Etsako East LGA of Edo State Nigeria. A village now famous for the Okpekpe Road Race.

I was there for the funeral of the aged mother of a close friend but I came away with a short impromptu document on the ingenuity of some local boys and a cute shy dancer…. ENJOY!!!

Smart Brave boys, getting paid to have fun

Folakemi Odoaje: "This is impressive! Great seeing young children having fun and being creative with it. Interesting different turns the video took – imagine if these boys learn to be precise with timing, having a timer so they know how long each experiment stayed for. Also, Isn't it funny that as young as they are they already believed girls are scared hence they are not part of the experiment – I bet they can't give any example to solidify this myths – just the believe that was pass down.Loved them, happy children having fun!"

Beyonce in the making….eh?

Just kid having their fun at

Winners so abound,
Strapped and bounded.
Elated all around,
Joyously dumb-founded.

Those fine times
Speaks for all kinds.
Saying as do chimes,
That time do binds.

Rare times of winning
Brings forth the hidden.
Revealing all missing;
Fingers in the mitten.