Days Four & Five….. (Sadly) Hope you loved it.
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Today was really busy. I think we’d also started getting tired of being cooped up in the house – I know I was! The food was still crap (it was substandard everyday to be honest), creating perfect characters was tiring, and I missed my nephew terribly! Plus, Pearl and I were now firmly in the grip of the evil flu, and I think Rafeeat was starting to sniff a bit as well. Or was it Kalu?

This book must be completed! Men at work... This book must be completed! Men at work…

Writing collaboratively also meant loving and leaving your characters, and I remember Elnathan and I had a bit of thing because I felt like his editing of my character was a bit too much. To be honest, I think writing with others is a humbling experience, and one that I’ve learned to approach with an open mind for a million reasons, chief of which is…

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One thought on “11th and 12th (a.k.a Days 4 and 5 ) – Life! Our baby is born! #BookSprint

  1. I as a very novice writer have never written collaboratively, but when I write I think is the best thing human kind has ever written, which I might be wrong on this one, but still I believe it. So for someone else to modify my character we would probably have quite the discussion.

    Although one day, hopefully I get to the point where someone thinks it´s wise to write collaborative with me.

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