Such Innocent Love
Such Innocent Love

Again and again it’s replayed,
Assistance not even repaid.
Acquaintance that made an Us,
Not maintained with new status.

But I heard your smile
Come across another mile.
I saw your heart and felt
Your mind like mine, melt.

I’m in harmony with you
And I perceive this as true.
You’re my friend come pain,
Or still over and over again.

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8 thoughts on “MY FRIEND

  1. A very nice short poem. If this concerned a friend of your own, then I sincerely hope the friend eventually found a way to repay the assistance and create whatever was needed.

      1. I definitely understand how that feels. Hope there are others treating you much better than those who took advantage of your kindness.

      2. I’m glad you identify with the feeling I tried to put through. Like most folks, I have friends that are being quite nice at the same time as those that are being cruel. I just tried to express my feelings towards the negative ones.

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