There is indeed so much to life than we have been told….


I am standing where

I can see no way

No clue

But You.

When what I’m living

is painful

And what I want

is impossible

When there are more questions

than answers

There is You.

When mists block my vision

and rocks cause my feet to stumble

You remain

Only You

Always You

You guide me on right paths

Your Word lights my way

You will not let me fall

You will not lead me astray

So I trust

And I follow

Giving up my dreams

Knowing Your dreams for me are bigger

Hoping only in You and Your plan

Giving up my rights

Knowing that in complete surrender

comes total freedom.

I wrote this poem two years ago. I don’t remember the exact situation but I do remember it being a confusing time. Although my situation is very different now, when I came across this poem again tonight a…

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