Death makes people want to hook this life wildly. I’m also not an exception. Whenever I think about death in the dark enclosure and bitter things that I regret in this life, it seems like I can not breathe. I can not swallow and my throat feel choked. I cursed myself heavily because I have lived in vain.

I fear death. And I think most people all afraid to die. Have gentle death and painful death, but death always make people shudder when they think about all terror. Brink between life and death unsteady, have not any anchor, perhaps we always vaguely fear that after death what we will be, what we will become and that feel makes sense for us to love life that exists around us more and more.

I see my future looming over a thin cloth, and the fear of death make ​​me look at life more thorough, more clearly. I will be…

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I woke up after a coma

Lovely piece



Like a cat has just been kicked out of house, the door of my life seems never open. And I back to helpless in fear, always looking around to see. “Time goes by too fast!” Indeed. Instead of being a spoiled cat, now I feel sluggish and lonely. Aura was no longer shines around me when I fail.

Like the lyrics in Let Her Go song: “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow” I just see what I miss when I lost it. I remember when I was walking in the sunny garden behind the house and came upon a beautiful cat, we had a summer together, talked about flowers, ran under the clouds and thought about crazy things.

Like things that go through my life I will never get them back, I’m sad and regret in the hope, the little ray of hope. I do not think…

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