Letter To Myself

Lovely piece….

The Syncronized Life

I don’t know if I should warn you
Or tell you about all my regrets
Maybe you won’t go that way
Maybe I can save you from us.
The world is a wonderful place
And I know you’re going to want it all
You’ll want money, beauty, fame, love
And you’ll never be willing to settle

Don’t be afraid to be a lil shy or reserved
Don’t be afraid of being the late bloomer
Like mother always said
“Die agter oos kom ook in die kraal in”
I know you don’t think you’re pretty now
But you’ll blossom one day
You’ll learn to love all your imperfections
You’re crooked smile will straighten
You will see how beautiful you really are

I don’t want to tell you that life is all roses.
But there will be really good times
Chrish those moments
Stay loyal to the people who made them

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Your produce is here and true,
For this surely a mummy are you.
From the start of it all you were
Willing that all elements be there.

The availability of all that is good
Is so limitless and has no mood.
You were to be of such a mould;
An embodiment of this idea so old.

You could see with blind eyes
Embrace truth and discard their lies.
As all came and as all so went,
You blur pain and just dreamt.

Indifference is that able chance
Not just affordable to all hands.
Compassion has love in its nature,
Lacking no past, present or future.

Dead is an air bubble inside a diamond,
Your aged love lingers on inside time.
Till you died, to these lives your breath lives on Though death ever comes back down to earth.


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