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Nelson Mandela had an acute lung infection and was having serious breathing complications. He was ill and bedridden for months and kept hidden from the public eyes all through this time. This certainly meant he was in such a bad state and needed help to breathe well. He most likely was put on a ventilator or assisted by some artificial means.

This assistance had most probably kept him alive all those last few months he was alive. For how long was this the case, you wonder? If this assistance was finally taken away, wouldn’t we be correct to conclude that Mandela was finally allowed to die?

mandela 1

Whose decision was this & was it deliberately timed to suit someone’s own idea of the perfect time to let Madiba die?

What do you think?


Does Madiba get his Heaven?


  1. He will get his heaven for sure.
    There has been nobody quite like him in history. Never before and never again will there be a politician who is as respected and loved as him. A true ambassador for freedom, peace and love. The whole world has been grieving with the people of South Africa

    1. I share your opinion, really do.
      But what is your take on the possibility that the timing of his death was handled, like his funeral?

  2. This was a nice essay but I’d like to point out a pretty big error… breath should be breathe. 🙂 Yes, I do think he gets his heaven. Everyone has their own opinions though.

    1. Thanks for the correction dear….
      Typos are as such
      Coming with a rush.
      But with your care,
      I ever have no fear.

      I will love to know what you think about the possibility that Madiba’s death was orchestrated and not allowed to take its natural course?

      1. I don’t think so but then again I’m an optimist. I would like to just believe that he went peacefully when it was his time. I try not to think about the government of his country or any other power (not God, I mean another person) having control over his death. We should all focus on the legacy he left and the path he made for the next great leader to take up. P.S. I studied African literature in college 🙂

  3. Yes, I think there is truth in this post, I personally believe he was kept alive so as to accommodate the many Heads of State that would want to attend Mandela’s commemoration service. December I suspect is a less hectic period in the arena of world politics.
    For me, the day of the funeral was most poignant, for it was personal as best it could be, given his great social, political and moral influence upon the modern world.

    The world seems emptier with his passing.

  4. I agree with the comment by Paul Nichol and would also add that there was also the legal battle between Nelson Mandela’s family members over the reburial of one of his children and maybe his life was prolonged for whatever reason. But whatever reasons for prolonging his life one thing is for sure and that is that Nelson Mandela has his place in heaven.
    If there is no place in heaven for such a great inspiring man when he fought for the freedom and equal rights if his people and who deservedly won the novel peace prize then what hope is there for the rest of us.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I especially identify with your point about “If there is no place in heaven for such a great inspiring man”, what hope is there for such as us?

      I have an equally very elderly character in my novel “Breasts of Doom” that wasn’t nearly as pleasant as Madiba was, but lopsidedly found herself doing rather laudable things that could be construed to be enough to win her a slot in heaven.

      Makes you wonder if our deeds are enough, or it has to be with the nature of persons we are, our personalities. Or better still, our believes and faith in a particular religion. Doesn’t it?

  5. I think all statesmen (yes, I say statesmen deliberately because women still don’t weigh too heavy in the power stakes) have problems dying a completely natural death. If they are admired like Mandela their country doesn’t want to let them go. If they are feared they are often kept hanging on or their death is covered up to prevent civil insurrection. The price of fame, I suppose.

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