Meant to be

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Journeys in Writing

All as it is, is meant to be here
There is nothing that exists without reason
Let go of fear and let flow come
In to your life to wash away fear

All that’s here is meant to be here
All that exists has a part to play
Each beautiful piece of land and creature
Has its own magnificent part to play

You yourself are full of wonder
A wonderous creation to your core
Let the beauty from within flow through you
Let yourself just be as you are

You are a wonderous beautiful being
So magnificent in every single way
Recognise this completely;
Then all darkness will soon dissipate

~ M.L.Adams

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A Touch


Written works by Jason Derfuss


“A Touch”

A gesture benign, soft, in intent

Both abnormal and normal, a vicarious sense

Malicious at times yet bittersweet

An intro to strangers as we meet.

A mutual trust, a gesture so human

a heartfelt contact all about reason

brutal betrayal, contemptuous treason

A touch so simple is always in season.

Saying hello, saying goodbye

Saying I’m with you until we die;

A pat on the shoulder, a tender embrace

The line of your tears upon your face –

eternally transcends gender and race.

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Poetry by Vladimir Kašnar

Some Conversations with My Soul


Tell me if I had fallen to pieces,

or this is the way to hang together.

Your bridging the five corners

strung me into your pentagram,

my breathing set in the center

like an abstraction.

When I close my eyes

you look me in the eye,

and we ponder the sweet

and bitter chase you put me through.

You are palpable in this search.

I feel your presence

in vibrating shadows,

aliquots of my life.

In early days of my solitude

my name echoed as a whisper off your lips.

And you are the past

while I still live this future

to the point where you will outlive me,

perched as figurehead on the boat’s bow,

as I cross the river,

my head tucked between your wings.

We talk my gravity into being.

Come and have siesta with me.

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