Love is the best

A collection of poems

Love is a gift
It comes not only from the heart
But deep inside your soul
It is the very essence of oneself

Love takes time
It is patient and understanding
And will endure for all time

Love does not fade
But draw close those we hold dear
Love is blind and will forgive anything

True love is the path
To eternal life
For time can never extinguish
A light so bright
As the glow of your love.


Dedicated to my friends Natalie & Steven on their wedding day.

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Who I Am

self searching

Caroline Barber's English Blog

I am the blackness of midnight
I am the brilliance of a fresh day

A fighter delivering the blow
A free spirit wandering in the underbrush

I am the hand pulling you to the surface
and the claws yanking you down under

Scars and open wounds
the raw skin beneath

I am the waves of violins
and the pounding off the bass

The rush a hurricane
and the calm of the open ocean

The emptiness of falling
and the strength in standing

I am conflict.

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Cries of the Mind

Inspirational bit

Sounds of the Son

How can one hear
The gentle pitter-patter of the rain
Over the incessant
Chitter-chatter of the brain

To beautiful flowers
And blue skies, the eyes are blind
They lose all their power
To the cries of the mind

What chance has love
To grow and to spread
When thinking has filled
All space in the head

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I have learned

Lovely bit…. very honest & original

A Lotus Grows in the Mud


Thanks to you, I have learned

to calm down and breathe in, when I’m anxious.

If I’m concerned

about whether or not I am precious

to you

I breathe in, I sit back, I breathe out,

then I know I am worth something

and the love I now feel makes me courageous,

I sit back and enjoy.

I have learned

to take my time and my space

cause I’m my own person,

just the same as you

and that’s cool.

We can both have this friendship

without losing ourselves in the core.

It’s okay, I say to myself,

It’s okay, I repeat

We’ll be friends and that’s enough for me

because I enjoy you.

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