Wonderful bit of writing

Bart Wolffe


As soon as he first learnt to walk
The purpose became clear,
How he could get away from those
Who were too close,
From family, from people,
A child becomes a refugee
The way when he understood
The gift of speech was silence.
Among the crowds he found
His hiding place called anonymity
In strange cities in foreign lands
Now that Africa had been discovered
And man’s footprint already on the moon.
The only other option left
Was close the door and stay inside his room.
Then, when he switched off the searchlight
No-one could get to him.

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Simply lovely





From afar I have watched you

In close contact at times, each anew

Your settled maturity a calming influence

Life experience speaks for itself

A positive powerful presence surrounding you

Bright company always a ray of sunshine

Yet seemingly elusively out of my reach

Sensing a spark beyond friendship

Never trusting it enough to test the waters

Or worse, dive in head first

Playing on my mind time and again

Fingertips outstretched

Suddenly content in the close confines

Of your embrace touchingly tender and

Lovingly openly affectionate

Freezeframe time – the moment for keeps

Always unprepared for the effect you have on me

Now more than ever

Then comes tomorrow

Unsure where to go from here

As elusive as ever

To contact you or not is the question

Burning crazily to do so

But how much is too much?

Come on too strong?

Feeling like that’s your…

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