Tales From The Abyss

Really nice work….

Lost In Wonderland

I am trapped in the abysmal plain
Forever searching for my love
That was slain by death
I miss the sunshine and the moonlight
It used to bring warmth to my soul
Oh how I miss the feelings of old
No death No peace
Know death Know peace
The darkness consumes me
Terrorizing my soul
It penetrates through me
Am I existing in this life we call death?
Forever lost
In my abysmal depth

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With Roses In My Hand

Lovely piece

B-kiran Poetry & Musings

Like the moon brightens the murky night

You have brightened my life in ways
that no one ever could.

In the windy winter days

In the smoky December nights

In the early morning and dusky afternoon,

With grasses soft and green

With dew on the petals of every rose

I wish to be with you
With my newborn heart in you.

The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine,

Your open arm is meant to be
hugged by me.

I dream of you and me forever

It’s an irrevocable promise.

In the July rain

I’d be with you under the same umbrella
dancing with every splash of the rain.

And when you feel cold

I’d light the fire for you.

In the Marigold field with cuckoo’s song and butterfly’s dance

We would dance till sunset.

And if the whole world collides

We would outlast and outlive…

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