Lovely piece

of nights and tempests

I hoped for daffodils,
Or roses to grow in my throat,
So i wouldn’t feel the gag
Reflex of choking in
The misery, in all it’s natural
Splendor that crawled up
On my curled toes and bended

I am half of what I was when I
First went in to this spell,
Half intentional, half curious
Second-time ferocious, but
Deep in the thorns
Genuinely imitating the
Affections I dreamt of having
And not what I’m currently
Walking on..

I tasted coals, the longer I stayed,
Everything was in vain, and this is
A losing game, going home
With nothing, saying nothing
Feeling nothing.

And everytime I will open my
Small red eyes, I’d stare at the sun
And let the painful light
remind me of the burnt soul
I had when I started ,
Leaving with a winter in the end..

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