A Darker Shade Of Blue

Lovely piece

of nights and tempests

I hoped for daffodils,
Or roses to grow in my throat,
So i wouldn’t feel the gag
Reflex of choking in
The misery, in all it’s natural
Splendor that crawled up
On my curled toes and bended

I am half of what I was when I
First went in to this spell,
Half intentional, half curious
Second-time ferocious, but
Deep in the thorns
Genuinely imitating the
Affections I dreamt of having
And not what I’m currently
Walking on..

I tasted coals, the longer I stayed,
Everything was in vain, and this is
A losing game, going home
With nothing, saying nothing
Feeling nothing.

And everytime I will open my
Small red eyes, I’d stare at the sun
And let the painful light
remind me of the burnt soul
I had when I started ,
Leaving with a winter in the end..

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Holding a dream


Eva Acharya

Beyond the knotty roots of age old trees
on the banks of damp soil
she sits, staring, mesmerized
her eyes transfixed
– that steely moon gleamed
her breath held in her throat
a hand clutching her tightening chest
– she had forever dreamed this
to hold the moon asunder
her every breath and ever pore,
every waking morrow
– that moon in the mirrored lake teased
sending tiny ripples
of desperate hope cascading
her tender dreams caught in the web
sticky gossamers fastening
– pinned, weighed down, or dragged
bleary eyed down a path
– and there she was, finally
the cold watery folds gently calling
she reached her arm towards the moon
– the moon on the water so close
and for briefest of moments she felt the weight
nestled in her trembling hand
feeling the veil breaking
that had covered the dream
her wee little dream
– not…

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