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Should one chose to, can one, and still survive, look at reality? “Humankind cannot bear very much reality” T.S. Eliot wrote. We dissemble, we dessiminate, we color and shade, we apply personality and point of view allowing intent to override the world we face each day. Should we choose to accept the current scientific paradigm, that physical reality is as it is because it is and that there is no supernatural or transcendental, only mental constructions designed to fulfill the quite natural survival of the fittest urge that is the animator of reality, then meaning and purpose, soul and spirit, are false, fake, inaccurate; merely ways in which we adapt to the unfriendly, the inhospitable, the alien.

I think I am a realist, mostly. Not really, I am a dreamer, a see-er, a believer. All this is not random, or maybe it is. I believe in God. That God created…

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