Realist, Optimist or Pessimist!?

Definitions & meaning….. They don’t really define us, do they?
Those feelings that entangle reason aren’t easily discarded or thrown away because they hinder the prospering of the very logic that would do so and preserve those which wouldn’t. So the realist is both pessimistic & optimistic in varying degrees.

The Philosophy of our Existence

This is deep… Very powerful stuff


We live a life of philosophical dreams
But cling to materialistic desires
for indulgence, for satisfying luxuries.
We live, by not being ourselves
We prevail through anti-thesis
We project ourselves into evolution and extinction.
But our hopes are attached
To elementary devotions,
saturated with impossibility of possession,
Implausibility of any meaningful acts.
We live with the false beliefs,
of existence, with a thirst
Like a lifetime that will always be
An antiquated, time worn reference.
We can’t trace our parallel infinity
All our spirituality, it never holds
We age, midst the youth of eternity,
While striving foolishly for staying young.
We thrive for perfection in remembrance
How we couldn’t see the perfection in living
with love,with adoration, with care, for humanity ,
In fighting for filling this world with allegiance.

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