The Scribbler

To be true to the self,

One must discard external motivations,

Relieve oneself from internalised programming,

Allowing through the true core of being,

That holds value for itself,

In free thought and mind,

Whilst accepting the rational mind,

Enough to know not everyone,

Will be in agreement.


There is a certain risk in being the individual voice,

There is a certain beauty in being authentic too,

Though how easily we slip into agreement,

With notions not matching our own values,

To fit, to belong, to feel a part of the crowd,

The first question we should perhaps ask,

Is does this represent and serve me well?

Who am I doing this for?

If the answer first comes back as not for myself,

We have not taken ourselves into consideration.


If we have not taken our self into consideration,

In order to follow a crowd, a group or a…

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