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Deep in the Cavern of my chest

Waves crash against my rib cage

Screaming to be free. Tides push

and pull the waves, smashing them

Against the walls of my heart,

That black organ refuses to yield,

And the waves are trapped,

Frothing and Bubbling inside.

Sometimes when I look at you

The ocean calms, the sea’s rage

steadies, and I can feel it

Beating. You don’t know I

Exist, and when out eyes disconnect

the current drags me under again.

When I leave the room, you

Will never think of me again, but

The battling waves won’t let

Me forget you, what you’ve

Done for me. If I could be yours

My heart would stop fighting so

Hard, and the salty waters of

My emotions would cease to

Shriek in my chest, vibrating

Against my ribs and drowning

My lungs. If you could be mine

We would create worlds…

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