Cold & chilly….. well said

Kathleen Writes Things.

We skim the surface and think we’ve run deep,
But the truth is,
We’re all just icebergs.

You take me at surface value,
And I can see you assuming you have me all figured out.
I can see you thinking you understand me,
And have me pegged as this kind of girl.
But then you’re frustrated when I don’t act the way you expected.
Because if you actually asked the right questions,
Or really listened to the words I spoke,
You would understand.

But it’s not what you want to hear.
So you’re shutting down, and disappearing.
You’re lashing out while drawing close.
My words were different from what you wanted,
But they weren’t a negation.

I can see your surface layer,
And I wanna peel it all away.
I want to see who you’re trying so hard to protect.
You’re listing off my flaws,
And throwing condescension every way…

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