Ocean of My Heart

Moving and engaging

Jack's Writing Room


Deep in the Cavern of my chest

Waves crash against my rib cage

Screaming to be free. Tides push

and pull the waves, smashing them

Against the walls of my heart,

That black organ refuses to yield,

And the waves are trapped,

Frothing and Bubbling inside.

Sometimes when I look at you

The ocean calms, the sea’s rage

steadies, and I can feel it

Beating. You don’t know I

Exist, and when out eyes disconnect

the current drags me under again.

When I leave the room, you

Will never think of me again, but

The battling waves won’t let

Me forget you, what you’ve

Done for me. If I could be yours

My heart would stop fighting so

Hard, and the salty waters of

My emotions would cease to

Shriek in my chest, vibrating

Against my ribs and drowning

My lungs. If you could be mine

We would create worlds…

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The Wall Will Fall

A whole lot of reasonable meaning here….

Paper Emotions

Keeping it bottled up
tied up
safe and closely wrapped up
no air to breathe
no sky to see
no time for them to be free.
9/10 rated
unconditonally hated
not going to be sated
constantly warring
wont be soaring
short straw drawing
keeping it all in
always falling
eyes bawling
in the darkness
gasping at the sharpness.
Emotions are hard to control
some of them are droll
some incredibly powerful
but yet invisible
they must stay
fleeting like the fae.
A mask must be worn
curtains drawn
long have they waited
to be emancipated
it is not yet fated
but a dam cannot stand forever
it’s quaking, see that tremor?
The wall will fall
no matter how long you stall
maybe then, you’ll stop being so miserable?

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One Step Forward, Don’t Look Back

Life is full of chances not taken


When you think you want to do it

But you feel you can’t

When you feel you must do it

But believe you shant

When you want to take chances

But you think you’ll crack

Take one step forward

And don’t look back.

When you like to gamble

But you think you’ll loose

That you’d rather live life

Swimming in booze

When you want to give it all

And not be taken aback–

Take one step forward

And don’t look back.

When you desire to reach the top

But you think you’ll fall

Take in mind that life’s not easy

That you can’t do it all

When you want to make it big

And want to hit the jack

Take one step further

And don’t look back.

When  you’re near the gold

It’s easy to cower up

Not believing how near

You are to the top

When the odds are…

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True to self


The Scribbler

To be true to the self,

One must discard external motivations,

Relieve oneself from internalised programming,

Allowing through the true core of being,

That holds value for itself,

In free thought and mind,

Whilst accepting the rational mind,

Enough to know not everyone,

Will be in agreement.


There is a certain risk in being the individual voice,

There is a certain beauty in being authentic too,

Though how easily we slip into agreement,

With notions not matching our own values,

To fit, to belong, to feel a part of the crowd,

The first question we should perhaps ask,

Is does this represent and serve me well?

Who am I doing this for?

If the answer first comes back as not for myself,

We have not taken ourselves into consideration.


If we have not taken our self into consideration,

In order to follow a crowd, a group or a…

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Cold & chilly….. well said

Kathleen Writes Things.

We skim the surface and think we’ve run deep,
But the truth is,
We’re all just icebergs.

You take me at surface value,
And I can see you assuming you have me all figured out.
I can see you thinking you understand me,
And have me pegged as this kind of girl.
But then you’re frustrated when I don’t act the way you expected.
Because if you actually asked the right questions,
Or really listened to the words I spoke,
You would understand.

But it’s not what you want to hear.
So you’re shutting down, and disappearing.
You’re lashing out while drawing close.
My words were different from what you wanted,
But they weren’t a negation.

I can see your surface layer,
And I wanna peel it all away.
I want to see who you’re trying so hard to protect.
You’re listing off my flaws,
And throwing condescension every way…

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