Sounds of the Son

Hear ye, hear ye
Court is now in session
Humanity is on trial
Our existence is being questioned

Evidence is submitted
To be examined and judged
While providence is sitting
Never to be budged

Morality is tailored
To fit the letter of the law
While actuality opposes
And exposes its flaws

The plaintiff calls witnesses
To corroborate its claims
The defence’s only interest
Is to exonerate its aims

Deceit is sustained
Truth is thrown out
Honest observation is traded
For reasonable doubt

Sincere objections
Fall on deaf ears
Worthiness is assessed
By a jury of peers

Free will is sequestered
Wrested from innocence
Free speech is processed
Without due diligence

When liberty takes the stand
To be interrogated as sin
Everyone is found guilty
The verdict is in

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