Well written


Rambling on and about,

Words bold and stout

A writers mighty tool

A plaything for a fool


In a sense, all the same

As is angry, as is tame

In a sense different still

White paper with a black fill


In my mind together they are

The word near the word far

A dandelion, maybe a rose

Sometimes far, sometimes close


Explanation, all the same

Be it angry or be it tame

Letters ordered, all demanding

Woven into understanding


Speak a sentence

Speak it clear

Make it far, make it near

Make it different, make it same

Make it angry, make it tame…

Make it a rose, or a lion of dande

Make it sweet as cotton candy

Make it gentle on the heart

Like a blackberry tart

Make it pleasant for the ears

So it will be remembered for years…

Make it sour as a…

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Poem of the week

Matters of the heart are always so….. complicated

Making A Little Circle

My favorite poet Louise Glück at her best: this poem is from Meadowlands


My heart was a stone wall
you broke through anyway.

My heart was an island garden
about to be trampled by you.

You didn’t want my heart;
you were on your way to my body.

None of it was my fault.
You were everything to me,
not just beauty and money.
When we made love
the cat went to another bedroom.

Then you forgot me.

Not for no reason
did the stones
tremble around the walled garden:

there’s nothing there now
except the wildness people call nature,
the chaos that takes over.

You took me to a place
where I could see the evil in my character
and left me there.

The abandoned cat
wails in the empty bedchamber.

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Things I’ll never be again

Makes you think


I was a carburetor in another life or was that a lotus?
I fell six feet deep into a meadow, it’s a bit different
when you’re not used to the tightrope,
the trapezists keep flitting about mussing your hair,
though the air is more fragrant up there even if it’s thinner.

If you’ll just give me three fricken seconds and a cocktail,
I’d surely defer to your exquisite judgement in all matters
concerning solid state rocket fuel and the arrangement
of pictures, a little to the left you say? Less oxygen?
Let’s start again, would you like it here or there?

If I could just make it without a hitch I could move up
to garden gnome next year, a few more and I’m set up
to become my own small business-owner, or a lightbulb changer,
these elegant fingers will pry no more but flit and play
shadow puppets in…

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