Nice…. really!


Graceful glides through midair
Air resistance supports white, feathered wings
High-pitched notes mock unpleasant silence
Resounding echoes throughout the pine-scented forest
Like white clouds or drunken dreams?
Determined elegance and beauty without approval
As I sit idly by the lake in admiration
Internal desires and fire budding in the heart
Hoping to become the swan that reaches high altitude
But on what basis if high altitude exists in infinity?
What swan flies freely forever in blue skies
And doesn’t descend upon earth to find a resting place?
Dead babies rest on wings of swans
Sacrificial creatures of the ancient past
Odette yearns silently for human form
Calling out in pride or fatigue, who can tell
As swan tears create Swan Lake
Ballets impersonate white swans
Becomes an old-fashioned style
And modern dances model awkward storks
As dancers fall to death on the ground
Applauses that resound in theaters
Break unaccompanied…

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