Beautiful piece



I lurk in the shadows unnoticed,
the days pass me by with gleeful, careless abandon,
as i sit in the shadows, hidden.

there were nights bejeweled with stars so bright
i blink from the glare that hurt my eyes.
there were afternoons so still and airless 

as i lay forgotten, suffocating in the dust.

there were days so dark with storm clouds

i strain to see the road before me.

i stay in the shadows uncertain,
the moonlight bathes my dreams
in a silver blanket that engulfs me
in obscurity.

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2 thoughts on “The Lost Years

  1. The imagery is amazing and to have such beauty come to mind while pity is felt in the heart for person living in obscurity….the combo of both is shocking to the spirit in a good way. I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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