powerful poem


I’m stripped soul-naked standing bare
To a universe made of blank paper
Its mocking nakedness haunts me
Seductively taunts me with its vapor

I see words as pieces of my deepest soul
Shattered apart in my passions throes
Then brought together in a multi-hued mosaic
A stained glass window, if you will, of prose

Words reaching through time with voices of one from long ago
Words reaching for the vernacular of the street griot, ya kno’

Words lose me in the folds of its scripts
And lets me discover myself yet again
Words listen to me when no one else wants to
Words speaks to me in a way no one else can

Sometimes my words scroll across my monitor
To let me say what I want to say
Sometimes I resort to pen and paper,
To express myself in some other way

It sometimes scares me to the core…

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2 thoughts on “Words

    1. My pleasure.

      I wrote the following years back, you just might like it

      O moody this moon,
      Shows feelings soon.
      Grown off wild oaths,
      Filled with only doubts.

      Words we will forget,
      Said with hopes wet.
      Their off springs return
      Dry in memories’ sun.

      Lost in mazes true,
      Laid like brains do.
      Words say its much,
      Twisted to do such.

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