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Beholding a beautiful beast
entranced by a smile
I linger a while…
Immersed in a sea of pillows,
embraced again,
by a beautiful thing i may not be able to keep.
Captured in a moment of what I can only describe as contentment
I allow lips to grace my neck.
Savoring this simple touch,
Trying to remember how long it has been
Since someone decided to do that…
I retrace the steps that brought me to this bed,
this moment,
this man.
I lie still gently drawing shapes upon his forearm with my fingertips
recollecting the moments before
when those eyes drew me in for a moment
inviting my body to move in sync,
when those lips threatened to take control of my destiny
even if it was just for one night.
Mind swimming in libations,
joy radiating from me like a soft warm glow
he saw me,
in a…

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Very creative

The Rag Tree

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it’s a tiny word,

respect, and, after all, what does it mean? a creeping,

crawling word that

remembers to rinse the empty

can of cat

food, that didn’t call for its scripts on time, that knows

if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same

results. and why not? why the body, the heart, must leap

but no one knows how to get there, or when trust (and success)

will come, or that to pass into your lover’s body, you must let

them pass into

yours. rolling round in the straw

will take out the kinks–yes, your heart matters; I want a big bed

covered with white

linens, a vase of fresh roses on the window ledge & the window

open to salt breeze, english town from Hardy &

your body shining under mine–bad girl, or



copyright © 2013, The Rag Tree


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The Great Wide Somewhere

Everytime I see you, you give me butterflies.

Seriously, what am I supposed to do with these? 

Am i supposed to let them fly free?

Am I supposed to release them into the air and  let them fly like I feel like I can when you’re around?

I think I have too many butterflies now.

You give them to me every time we meet

As if you think I am running out. 

I wish that you would stop giving them to me. 

But somehow I think you don’t realise that you leave butterflies in your wake. 

It’s like you leave a trail of them and I am supposed to follow the trail

Am I? Am I supposed to follow the butterflies like bread crumbs?

Or will it just lead me to the witch’s house?

Everytime I see you, you give me butterflies.

I don’t know what to do with these.

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At First Light


Mad About...


At first light she opens her eyes,
rosy cheeks bedimpled as she smiles.
With her hand she reaches out,
to touch the sun’s rays caressing
her window pane.

A breath of sigh escapes her parted lips,
contentment she bears in every line of her face.
Her body slowly opens up to the day,
as she uncurls her limbs from night’s embrace.

Stretching body with sensuous delight
falling sheet slowly cascading,
on smooth skin that glistens in the light,
never ending like sparkling wine.


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Emotions… be thankful for their honesty.

Emotions grow as we do. With us. Daily

Can they be trusted? Can we be trusted?

Beings of this vast universe. Change comes so rapidly for us.

My Heart only wants for the truth.

The ego must summon to my Heart’s beat…

With feelings of an indecisive nature, we simply can not keep up with the effortless spin, our emotions deliver.

[Poem written by: Christina Clark]

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