In The Perfect World…


Do You Love These Words?

In the perfect world, what would we do?

Do you think I would love you?

Would you love me back?

Would we be friends?

Do you think your mother, brother, sister would reciprocate my love?

Would there be anyone without it?

Is love the perfect world?

Not infatuation, not shallow, not relationships, not some cliche from a hallmark card

but real love.

Love of brothers and sisters.

Love of husbands and wives.

Love of children, parents, grandparents.

Love of true friends.

Is that the meaning of perfection?

Is a world of love a world of perfection?

What is the world without love?

What is perfection?

Is it beauty?

What is beauty without love?

What is the world made of?

What is it’s foundation?

Is it made by us, for us?

Is there a purpose behind it?


What is a man without love?

What is a woman?

Tell me what…

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