The Weeping Willow

A cottage on the prairie of red brick and clay,
My home, my sandbox, my fort of play
My forlorn crevice of secrets untold,
The ghosts of my past, ghastly and cold,

Eerie rooms now, air thick with dust,
Paint chipping, nails laden with rust,
A crack in the wall, skeletons in the store,
The laughters of life buried deep in its core,

Like a long forgotten tradition it doth dwell,
The lingering sense of failure and its musty smell,
The vermin scurry in a pile of decay,
The roof hung low with a saddening dismay,

The grass grown tall, crickets chirp through night,
A once cosy retreat, now a painful sight,
And as much as I fear, this dark recluse,
Sees me as i see it, a chronic excuse.
Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

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The Weeping Willow

Flying with the breeze, blissful and free,
A stroll through the starry canopy,
Tranquillity filling the pores of my skin,
A timeless moment for both kith and kin,

No worry of what will be no care of what has,
Tonight I will surrender of what has come to pass,
So let the moonlit absolution proceed,
Let peace prevail, its what we need,

Let pebbles be pebbles and branches be leafy cones,
For no sticks shall defeat me no stones will break my bones,
Lets pick ourselves some lilies, or dandelions if you may,
Lets run again through the meadow, lets sleep once more in hay.



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Endless possibilities here

Scribblez On da Page

Beholding a beautiful beast
entranced by a smile
I linger a while…
Immersed in a sea of pillows,
embraced again,
by a beautiful thing i may not be able to keep.
Captured in a moment of what I can only describe as contentment
I allow lips to grace my neck.
Savoring this simple touch,
Trying to remember how long it has been
Since someone decided to do that…
I retrace the steps that brought me to this bed,
this moment,
this man.
I lie still gently drawing shapes upon his forearm with my fingertips
recollecting the moments before
when those eyes drew me in for a moment
inviting my body to move in sync,
when those lips threatened to take control of my destiny
even if it was just for one night.
Mind swimming in libations,
joy radiating from me like a soft warm glow
he saw me,
in a…

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