Emotions… be thankful for their honesty.

Emotions grow as we do. With us. Daily

Can they be trusted? Can we be trusted?

Beings of this vast universe. Change comes so rapidly for us.

My Heart only wants for the truth.

The ego must summon to my Heart’s beat…

With feelings of an indecisive nature, we simply can not keep up with the effortless spin, our emotions deliver.

[Poem written by: Christina Clark]

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A truth


A Skeleton of Letters

You must be strong,
for them.

You have pockmarks down the inside of your arms,
like blue ink tracing blue veins down the trails of your

You didn’t make a promise for nobody. You tell yourself
that at night, but it stopped being so funny when you fell
for the lies that seemed right, the ones that told you: “Hey.
There’s something left for you to sell.”

Sell yourself for dimes and quarters because it’s better to
be the pestle than the mortar.

You must be strong,
and you tell yourself this crouching in the dry bathtub,
remembering their touch and their malevolent backrub,
capricious, perfidious, you hope they have found a shackled love
to prove them wrong.

You have pockmarks down the inside of your arms,
like blue steel turning you cold down the footpaths of

Vicious, prestigious, you breathe with a mackled lung
and chickenpox scars…

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Finders Keepers



find what you need soon
and treasure it deep
for you haven’t much time
’till you fall back into sleep
where you’ll dream of a heaven
and a hell most unique
where the final star shines
over the last mountain’s peak
and as the star slowly dims
and it all starts to look bleak
… soon that star will be gone
and you’ll sit alone, blind and weak
then the mountain, too
will begin to sink
until you’re left with only
cigarette stains on your teeth.

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