When you THINK you know a fellow?

Friday Tales

by Edgar A. Guest

When you get to know a fellow, know his joys and know his cares,
when you’ve come to understand him and the burdens that he bears,
when you’ve learned the fight he’s making and the troubles in his way,
then you find that he is different than you thought him yesterday.
You find his faults are trivial and there’s not so much to blame
in the brother that you jeered at when you only knew his name.

You are quick to see the blemish in the distant neighbor’s style;
you can point to all his errors and may sneer at him the while,
and your prejudices fatten and your hates more violent grow
as you talk about the failures of the man you do not know.
But when drawn a little closer and your hands and shoulders touch,
you find the traits you hated really don’t…

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What is justified and what isn’t?

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...

Who are we to claim our killing is holy and justified?
Doesn’t God say in the Bible that vengeance is His?
Is it right to disregard the uncomfortable passages
and pretend like those are ones we simply missed?

Jesus didn’t conquer death with a sword,
but through becoming a lamb prepared for the slaughter.
It isn’t by violence that we’re redeemed.
It’s not because of revenge that we can drink living water.

Did Jesus say war should be an option,
or did He preach a message of loving peace and forgiveness?
Can we really be so lukewarm in our faith
that we have the nerve to argue that His words weren’t realistic?

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Truly a nice piece

Then it Started

No longer will I
Look, to shores
Of distant lands.
The foaming roar
Of grey wolf waves,
Battered me back.
Screamed me down.
Faced me in defeat.
Toward this. 
The land so banal. 
Worn to fit these feet.
As they grow and harden.

No longer will I look. 
Nowhere else will
I call home.
For I have dreamed.
And failed.
So I look to love.
Where I stand.

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Something Desolate

Strong piece

Letters Barely Sent

Open my heart
as if it was wrapped
in deteriorated receipts
and strands of raven hair.

Regret left behind
and soy-based ink.

Something exhales
flower-printed stanzas
of budding young love;
entwined ivy fingers
and elephant heartbeats.

Tuck towers
behind a shadow
of doubt and watch
as something desolate

Life spills out
from beneath the snow,
but we are deaf.

Abandon me
before you fall asleep.

Perhaps starlight
will ignite the chill
of catastrophe
before we fade to red.

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