Good for you

Poetry is my Destiny

When I look into the mirror
What I see is beautiful
Society regards me as fat
The scale defines me as obese
Despite their opinions
I am content
I look down and see the ripples in my skin
I notice the tags on my large clothes
I see the way skinny girls gawk at me
But I still hold my head high
Despite their rejection
I am content
Once a friend said
“I won’t love my child is she is fat”
I took her ignorance to heart
I will love her child regardless
Despite her hatred
I am content
I don’t despise the world
I feel bad for them
They are so caught up in appearance
They will never know the bliss of self confidence
Despite their insecurities
I am content

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3 thoughts on “I am Content

  1. I love this poem. Straight away reminded me of a friend who was battling with feelings of depression and low self esteem because of her weight. She has since been able to overlook her weight and is happy in her own skin. Love it! And thank you for following my blog as well. Much love!

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