Tomorrow is always new, isn’t it?

N. Chaney

Of a new age
A different time
A brand new tomorrow
Of sound peace of mind
We join hands interconnected through barriers
Across party lines and racial divides
Not as African American or Caucasian
Native American, Asian, Hispanic,
Japanese, Filipino, Caribbean,
Not as Christians nor Catholics,
Neither Muslims nor Jews
But once and for all
As A United Nation
As Americans
Heads held high
Let us go forward into a day where dreams are turned into reality
From sea to shining sea riches amount to more than materialistic gains
And faith even as a mustard seed is strong enough to move a mountain
Let us reach from roof tops to valley lows and whisper through winds that hope is still alive
From the Pacific to the Atlantic embracing the Gulf
Let us build up as we set an example of the American Dream
For working families,

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