Wonderful perspective

Cricket Smiles


If you counted all the stairs in the whole wide world

How many would there be

I bet there are a million

But I can only count to three

And if you count them going up

Do you count them going down

Stairs can go both ways you know

Between the roof and ground

Some stairs go in circles

And others go up straight

Some stairs go all by themselves

But if they stop, you’ll have to wait

And who decided that each step was not quite high enough

And that they had to build another one

I bet their job was tough

Some stairs go to rooftops

Some stairs go to floors

Some stairs go to balconies

And some to attic doors

But of all the stairs, the very best

Are no great mystery

The very best stairs in the whole wide world


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Wow! Angelic

A Leak In The Safe

prolepticI liked you best through the window

Dedicating the first fruits of your maturity

To the teenage dance at the yacht club

Your solid thighs your awkward attempts

To perform the basic duties of a dancer

Your quick eyes targeting an objective

Based on a hazy analysis of desirability

Various archetypical scenarios scripting

A procedure text for the moon


Compelled to seek a closer understanding

Of that which binds your chaotic fullness

I’m the wild wild unicorn

The little fish you virgin

Captured in your holy grail sweet

Fermenting vessel of proleptic grace


Walking in the darkness of the outbuildings

First woman changing woman advancing

Toward the role of ideal woman with each foot

Approaching holiness sacred above sacred below

The electrodynamics of your moving body

So white so lovingly displayed our final

Communion explicit sloppy and successful

Silver seed sprouting a dark flawed feeling

We’ll readdress tomorrow…

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