brilliant use of words

micky murder poems


Black lines of velvety ribbon pull

me backwards;

my puppet master taunts me with the thought of free will

I can stumble, but you will not let me fall.

you are in control of my life,

my movements, my words,

but only for now…

at least until i can find a way

to break free,

soon, i will be…

free to live my own life,

free to make my own decisions,

and free to fail, but then learn to get up again.

you will no longer choose the path i take.

i will stand proud alone.

these chains i break.

no longer will i move for you.

i look down at my legs-

there are two.

two to move and two to run

no longer will you define my fun,

no longer will you hold my strings.

i will show you i am capable of these things!

just wait, and…

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