Finding heaven in our hearts, “Ay, there’s the rub.”

Diamond Mike Watson


Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts

Even when I shield my eyes
I see all beauty in my mind
And though I warmly cuff my ears
A melody I sweetly hear

A paradise lives deep inside
With peaceful streams and trees
Eternal rainbows arch above
And paint the sky for me

A perfect world at my command
Is this a Grand Design?
Or is it just one Giant Thought
That’s formed inside my mind?

An inner calm I always find
Her arms of love, all things defined
A planted seed, a tiny voice
That’s grown so loud, I have no choice

Now everything that touches me
Brings joy and deep tranquility
I am a drop of consciousness
In every endless sea

Serenity is all around
You first must close your eyes
To know the universe gives love
Makes all of us alive

I hope you see, as morning starts
That heaven…

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