Music in the air and in my heart, right now.


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Elizabeth Bishop was one of the most celebrated American poets of the nineteenth century. Her work evidenced a keen eye for striking images, great verbal fluidity and rhythm, and a wit which lodges in the memory.

While poet peers such as John Berryman and Robert Lowell drew heavily upon their personal lives, Bishop, unwilling to become the ‘feminist poet’ or ‘lesbian poet’, steered clear of the fashionable autobiographical approach, and created a singularly artful universe through her poetry, whilst giving no less of herself to her work.

Bishop was, in addition, a highly talented painter. Her colourful, evocative visual art, while displaying a similar attention to detail and delicate-craft, stands distinct to her poetry,  yet complements it in interesting ways. Below is a selection of Bishop’s poems  and paintings, intended to serve as an introduction to this most affirming artist.

I Am in Need of Music

I am in need of…

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