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      1. All is well… Working for my daily bread and busy at my novel. That’s going rather well. Its my fourth and still unpublished works, aside from other bits of writing. Hope I get lucky this time. Thanks for asking. Nice of you.

      2. Oh but thats exciting! Im always in awe with people’s determination to continue what their passion is. I gave up on mine and I don’t think I’ll ever attempt to do it again. But hey, excited for you!

      3. Oh I wish I could tell you not to give up on yours too. But then I’m not as confident myself.

        I’ve always loved writing & it is delight to put down my thought.

      4. We’re indeed… I just get a lot of satisfaction from writing, I guess. Getting it published will be a dream come true of course.

        But what really keeps me going is firstly, the knowledge that if I don’t write it down now, when the idea is fresh in my mind, I may not do so as clearly.

        And secondly, I just might get a big break and not be quite ready.

        I also realised that with is every new piece I write, I actually do get better at writing & what I churn out improves in material & quality too.

        There… Maybe this might encourage you somehow.

      5. Oh don’t get me wrong, writing is my passion, my only outlet for self-realisation and one thing that keeps me sane. The only problem is – once I start writing, it doesn’t come out as good as it sounds in my head and I just absolutely hate that.

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