poems of my life

“ My Lfe is Ending “

My ife is ending

I found out today.

How much time do I have?

The doctors can’t say.

I think they know,

but they hold it back.

It really don’t matter,

time is on track.

I didn’t mean

to get this old.

Have fun, live it up, enjoy,

I was told.

But, now comes comeuppance,

And the piper is near.

I stand to lose all,

that I once held so dear.

It’s OK, I say.

We all have to die.

And it’s a comfort to know

the wherefore and why.

Bad habits and such,

have come to the fore.

It won’t be long,

Til I’m here no more.

So, as I face, the final forgiveness,

I reminisce my time on Earth.

And it seems to me,

I could have done better

But, I could have done worse.

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  1. Knowing puts pressure and expectations. I hate expectations. Id rather not know the tomorrow – so that knowledge wouldn’t influence my actions today.

    1. I love the way you put it…. “So that knowledge wouldn’t influence my actions today.”
      But I can’t help wondering, ‘Doesn’t it, already?’
      I mean generally speaking, even the very little we know today, influences our every action as it is.
      I guess it is more a case of ‘Extremities’….
      Just thinking out loud.

      1. Oh, thinking out loud is the best. I do it all the time. Hmmm, yes, you are right – every single little detail we know influences how we act tomorrow. Thats just.. what we are. But I think the more we know, the more we actually THINK about what decisions we make. (Not sure im making as much sense with my words as they do in my head, haha!)

      2. You made a lot of sense to me. The decisions we make are indeed greatly influenced by what bits of information we have at our disposal before we decide. But that doesn’t reduce the margin for errors

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